Little Chefs

On Friday we had a great morning making apple and pear crumble.

We each took it in turns to work as part of a group to carry out the instructions in the recipe.

Some of us were peeling and chopping apples. Some of us used the weighing scales to measure out the flour, butter and sugar. One group mixed the ingredients and another assembled the crumble before it was popped in the oven.

After golden time we all sat on the carpet and listened to our class novel whilst enjoying a delicious bowl of homemade (or school made as one of us pointed out) crumble! What a way to finish the week!

We will be writing the instructions for this next week. Mrs Wilkinson says she will share some of the best recipes on the blog too, so stay tuned!

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Spellings and Mathletics

Just a quick reminder that spellings will be tested every Friday and new spellings will be sent out that day to be practised at home, and in the classroom, for the following Friday.

Please could you ensure that spelling books, along with reading diaries, are brought in daily.

Mathletics is also set each Friday. Please see Mrs Wilkinson if you have any trouble logging on, the log in details for your child are inside their reading diary.

Many thanks.



2 digit number experts

In maths we have been looking at place value.

We have done lots of fun activities throughout the last couple of weeks.

We are now experts in 2 digit numbers! Go on, ask us! We know how many tens and ones a number has as well as if it is odd or even or whether it is greater or smaller when compared to another number.

Today, we looked at using our hungry crocodiles (< >) to see which number it would want to eat. We know it eats the largest. We also know we use our special maths vocabulary and say if it is greater than or less than the number we are comparing it to.


Busy bees!

Wow, we’ve been incredibly busy over the last few days we realised we haven’t updated the blog!

We have been learning all about the body for our ‘Marvellous Me’ topic. We have been looking at Stan the Skeleton and naming his bones. We know where his skull, spine and rib cage are, as well as their important jobs protecting the brain, heart and lungs. Lots of us were able to feel our own rib cages and spine and skull too.

PE Tuesdays

This afternoon we got to do PE as part of our Key Stage. We did some dancing in the hall with Mrs Wilkinson and then went outdoors to do some throwing and catching and ball skills with Mrs Hicks and Miss Watters.

It was a jam packed afternoon and all the teachers said how good we were.

It was that good that we think we will do it again next week!


Mrs Wilkinson says can we remember to bring both our indoor and outdoor kit as the weather starts to get a bit chillier. Outdoor shoes will be needed too. Thank you.


The case of the very hungry caterpillar…

Someone seems to have munched all through our books and all through our classroom…!

Today we heard the story of the Hungry Caterpillar, of course we all knew it, but we had to act out each part of the story. We used actions and memorised the start of the story really well. The year 1 put on a mini performance for the year 2 and they did one back too. This is called talk for writing.

The year 2 children even added in their own adjectives to make it even more exciting. They used words like juicy apples, ripe pears and delicious plums.

Tomorrow we will be doing some independent writing – we know that that means all by ourselves. There is no stopping us now!


No back to school blues here!

Wow, what a fantastic morning we are all having here in Class France.

Mrs Wilkinson let us in on a little secret and told us we were the best class in the whole school and we were all carefully chosen to show the rest of the school how it’s done!

So far we are proving her right!

We’ve had a busy morning writing about our summer, playing maths games, getting to know each other and the classroom and marching along to 5 a day!

Expect some tired faces at the door at pick up time 🙂


Homework exhibition

I was so impressed with the children’s homework exhibition on Friday. Well done to all of the children in Class France and the rest of Key Stage One who have absolutely excelled themselves with their homework projects. I absolutely loved looking at them all and I know how much the adults and other children did too. It was fantastic to see you applying what you have learnt at school and building on it by researching and recording other information.

Every one of you should be extremely proud of yourselves and the amazing work you have produced.

Well done Class France,

Miss Orritt

Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside!

Wow! What a fantastic day we all had on Thursday for our seaside WOW day!

We were busy planning and preparing our games all week ready for our the day. We thought carefully about the games we would like to make, and quickly had to get to work creating them and deciding what the rules would be. Miss Orritt was so impressed with how well we all worked as part of our teams.

The Year Three’s were first to try out our games and they had some great things to say about what we had made. After a busy morning, we were ready for our fish and chips on the field and they were delicious!

In the afternoon our grown ups came to play our games for a little bit and then we watched the fantastic Punch and Judy show whilst enjoying a yummy ice-cream!

It was so so much fun and we hope all of our visitors enjoyed it as much as we did!

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