What a day!

We have been super busy today. This morning we went to Church and read out our class prayer. We all spoke beautifully!

This afternoon we had a dress rehearsal for the rest of school. Mrs Wilkinson said she was soooooo proud of us she could burst!

We can’t wait to show you our play next week!

Thank you for all of the wonderful costumes that have been brought in and thanks to all of the adults who helped walk to church this morning. We really appreciate it.



Class France

Letters from the trenches by Jake, Jack and Isabella

In English today we did a Big Write. We wrote a letter home as if we were a soldier. We had to use our senses to describe what we could hear, see, smell and feel. We also wrote about the truce that was called at Christmas so that the English and German’s could play a game of football.

Once we had written it, we shared our writing with a partner and decided on some things we did really well and what we might need to remember next time to make it even better.

Jake told us he had remembered his capital letters but needed full stops next time.

Isabella told us that she wrote a really good sentence using adjectives and ‘and’ but next time needs to hold the sentence in her head so that she doesn’t forget it.

Jack told us that he put in lots of information but realised some of it didn’t sound quite right when he read it out so he quickly edited it. Next time he will read back his writing independently.


A fab Big Write boys and girls – well done!


Spreading Germs by Fyfe and Jessica

Today we learnt that when we touch things we pass on germs. We put glitter on our hands and shook each others hands. The glitter was spreading! The only way to get the glitter off was to wash our hands with soap.


We also put post it notes in places we had touched today. The classroom was covered in them so we know there are germs everywhere even when we can’t see them.


The Titanic Wow Day by Lenny, Jack, Ethan, Sienna and Madison

This term our new topic is As The Ship Goes Down. This morning we were in the hall pretending we were on the Titanic. I was a 1st class passenger so we got to eat cream cheese on crackers, chocolate and fruit for pudding. We also drank wine (A.K.A squash for any worried adults!!)


We have been learning about the different classes. I was in 2nd class so I got to eat some mash and ham. We carried our own luggage.


I was a third class passenger and we ate cold porridge and we had to serve it ourselves. We weren’t allowed to go on the lifeboats when we crashed into an ice berg because we were too poor.


We had a balloon with ice in. We tried lots of different ways to find the challenge that was frozen inside. We dropped it, we rubbed it with our warm hands, we put it in warm water and left it on the radiator. When we came back in from lunch it had nearly all melted.


In the afternoon we had a challenge to make an unsinkable boat. We worked in threes and fours to make them and then we tested them in the hall with the other classes. Mine floated. Yay!



Photos to follow…

Leah’s birthday day! by Leah, Alfie and Henry (02.11.17)

I had a brilliant birthday. Today we learnt about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot. We acted it out after we put the pictures in the right order on a timeline.



We walked to the wooden, rusty park and we described the park and drew it. When we came back to the classroom we designed a better one.



In maths we are learning to tell the time. We know that there are 60 seconds in a minute. We had to estimate how many things we could do in a minute. I could write my name 12 times in one minute!



Amazing day by Annabelle, James and Oscar!

Our new value is compassion. We are thinking about helping others and costly caring.



We have been learning about our feelings as well as keeping healthy.



Keeping healthy is a good job but if you eat too much fat it will make you unhealthy and poorly. We should eat lots of fruit and vegetables and carbohydrates.



Thank you so much to everyone that joined us for Share at the end of term. We had a wonderful morning and hope you did too.

The skeletons that you all made look great and hopefully ‘Dem Bones’ hasn’t stayed in your head ALL half term!

Mrs Wilkinson hopes that next time, the children might join in with a bit more of the singing and dancing 😉

Colour mixing


At the end of term we had a go at colour mixing where we looked at making a skin tone and then made it darker or lighter to suit our colouring. After we chose the appropriate shade we created our own self portrait, which we will share soon!


Harvest Festival

A big well done to all the children in class France, KS1 and EYFS for their fantastic Harvest Festival at the Methodist Church this morning.

The children spoke beautifully and sang with such joy.

It was so lovely to see such a wonderful turn out from all of the adults too.

Thank you

Mrs W